Kortnee Price,, plays Charlie in rising independent film La Vie Magnifique De Charlie.

Kortnee Price Takes Lead in ‘La Vie Magnifique De Charlie’

Kortnee Price Takes First Leading Role In 'La Vie Magnifique De Charlie'. An independent comedic film catching fire at various film festivals around the country. Actress,

Lil' Bibby wearing a black 'Free Crack" sweatshirt.

Lil’ Bibby Wraps Up The ‘Free Crack 4’ Mixtape

Lil' Bibby announces 'Free Crack 4' is finished on Instagram over a glass of wine. It's that crack music. It keeps's them coming back to it.

On Tour

DJ Printz interview and 'R&B Only' promo shot.

‘R&B Only’ A Colorful Party Experience With DJ Printz

Interview with DJ Printz uncovers journey from the Opera 'house' to Kelly Rowland all the way to the 'R&B Only' tour. Existing in music is a

Jermaine Dupri Presents The SoSoSUMMER 17 Tour

Jermaine Dupri’s The SoSoSUMMER 17 Tour

Jermaine Dupri Presents The SoSoSUMMER 17 Tour, with Da Brat, Bow Wow and cast of Lifetimes The Rap Game. The hitmaker and founder of So So Def