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Mack Wilds Announces New Album ‘AfterHours’

Mack Wilds AfterHours Photo

Star of VH1’s The Breaks and Fox’s Shots Fired, Mack Wilds, is back with new music since his first album 2013.

While we were busy watching Mack Wilds in hit television shows like VH1’s The Breaks and Fox’s Shots Fired, this Staten Island native was in the studio working up a new single for his upcoming album AfterHours. He’s been out of the music scene since 2013 when his first album New York: A Love Story dropped. Now he returns with a hot single “Explore” where he sings about losing his love. We didn’t expect it, but it’s about time.

AfterHours will be released this Friday, April 7th, 2017. We can expect featured artists like Wale, Tink, and Wallace. The singer/actor did mention a forthcoming visual. IMDB interestedly list AfterHours as an upcoming television series, which has only one episode titled “Obsession”, which is also the title of a song from his new album. It is scheduled to air on April 10th.

Listen to his new single here.