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Jay-Z’s 4:44 Deal With Sprint Will Make You Join TIDAL

Photo of JAY-Z.

JAY-Z’s 4:44 deal with Sprint delivers 6-months of TIDAL for free including access to their high fidelity service and exclusive music & video releases.

Artists always come up with creative ways to release new music and reach a larger audience. Hip hop music icon JAY-Z is releasing his latest album 4:44 later this week exclusively on TIDAL. The ‘holy grail’ rapper is applying a similar strategy by U2 back in 2014 for their album Songs of Innocence. Their album was an exclusive release through Apple’s iTunes. And depending on if you’re a fan or not – you enjoyed the fact that Itunes preloaded the album onto your Apple device (or you hated it).

This time, JAY-Z and TIDAL partnered with Sprint to exclusively release JAY-Z’s 4:44 album this Friday 6/30/2017. Sprint customers are among the first to not only get access to 4:44 but six months of TIDAL HiFi free. TIDAL HiFi is the high fidelity plan, boasting lossless sound quality with high definition video.

Sprint is working hard to bring in new customers. They’re competitively offering low price, no contract, unlimited data plans. They’re also offering new customers exclusive deals on the latest mobile devices, plus the ability to switch providers by covering fees of up to $650 per line.

Why is this a good deal?

Normally, new TIDAL subscribers get a 30-day free trial and a $20 a month plan for TIDAL HiFi thereafter. With this deal, TIDAL is hoping to grab customers who are a little reluctant to sign-up. Especially for the higher priced HiFi service. People may not see value in TIDAL HiFi until they’ve compared it to TIDAL Premium for $9.99 a month.

It’s not all about making money. Both companies are giving back through the 1Million Project working to connect low-income high school kids to the internet. TIDAL and Sprint hope to eliminate the “homework gap” by giving qualified students free high-speed internet during high school. For every activation with a device purchased or leased, $2 will be donated up to $1 Million for the project.

To be among one of the first to hear JAY-Z’s new album 4:44 go over to to sign up for Sprint and TIDAL’s exclusive deal.