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Ladies Fight For The last Notebook At Walmart #44

Stassi Pryce Unfaded Podcast episode cover. Ladies fight for the last notebook at Walmart #44.

Ladies fight for the last notebook at Walmart, ending with a woman pulling out a loaded handgun. Cell phone footage captures everything.

This week on the Unfaded Podcast, episode 44, ladies’ fight over the last notebook at Walmart. The fight ends when a loaded handgun shuts it all down. The entire fight started over school supplies and could end in prosecution. A nurse ended up in jail because of a rogue detective. The nurse refused to draw blood from an unconscious patient without a warrant, which agitated the officer. Also, phone numbers and email addresses to prominent celebrities and politicians are stolen from Instagram. Hackers affected six million of the Facebook subsidiaries verified accounts.

Plus, pizza ATM’s appear on two U.S. college campuses. The machines cook up fresh pizzas in 3-minutes at any hour of the night (or day).

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