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Archie Green’s Meme filled Music Video says ‘U Wouldn’t Understand’

Archie Green's Meme filled Music Video says 'U Wouldn't Understand'

Archie Green’s meme filled music video says ‘U Wouldn’t Understand’, a visual mashup of social chaos and humor.

You can find anything on the internet. It’s an open source to everything around the world. from videos of champions showcasing their God-given talent, the symbolic movement of political power and braided eyebrows?

Yes, braided eyebrows. It’s something you wouldn’t understand and that’s what Archie Green brought to the table with his new video “U Wouldn’t Understand”. Archie Green touches every corner of social chaos and humor in this video.

Don’t get it twisted, Green’s video will make you laugh and reflect. There are things we think we know and things we truly don’t understand. Archie Green himself, along with, Mickinly Wiley and Melissa Coleman are the creative minds behind this mentally striking video.

Archie raps into the camera with an honest swag as famous images of well-known people and memes appear. Some of the pics are funny, others make you go ‘What the hell was that?’ Most jarring are the examples of recent racially attacks across the country; placed next displays of Black American heroes and influencers like Barack Obama, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams and Beyoncè. All of who fit what the song represents, Black Excellence with a dab of ratchet some may call ‘sophisti-rachet’

As an advocate for mental health out of Cleveland, OH, Archie Green’s still asking us to “Peel Dem Layers Back” and get to know who we really are, Watch the video and attempt to understand what side of the chaos you’re on.