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Culture Vultures And Old Ass Cereal #70

Culture vultures and old ass cereal cover with Snoop Dogg episode 70.

This work is a derivative of Snoop Dogg by The Come Up Show is licensed under CC By 2.0

Culture vultures and old ass cereal sold at Walmart after 21-years.

Social media’s debate over whether or not Bruno Mars is a culture vulture has us asking what exactly is cultural appropriation? Can black artists do it too? American Idol is back and it’s trash. Chris Brown get criticized by Vanessa Carlton on International Women’s Day. Terry Crews‘ groping complaint was denied because they did not make “contact with the victim’s skin.”

Plus, a family buys an old ass box of cereal from Walmart, ignoring his wife’s warnings he ate the 21-year-old cereal anyway and another fight breaks out on a flight after an argument over a storage bin.

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