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The Journey of Justin Michael Williams

Justin Michael Williams

The Art of Justin Michael Williams Justin Michael Williams, 29, was born on Feb. 22, 1988, in the San Francisco Bay Area in Pittsburg, CA. Justin Michael Williams is a Musical Artist, International Recording Artist, and Inspirational Entertainer. Justin Michael Williams’ passion is music; it’s what he was born to do. His

Kortnee Price Takes Lead in ‘La Vie Magnifique De Charlie’

Kortnee Price,, plays Charlie in rising independent film La Vie Magnifique De Charlie.

Kortnee Price Takes First Leading Role In 'La Vie Magnifique De Charlie'. An independent comedic film catching fire at various film festivals around the country. Actress, creative artist, and lifestyle blogger, Kortnee Price is making her feature film debut, as the lead actress in, La Vie Magnifique De Charlie aka The

‘R&B Only’ A Colorful Party Experience With DJ Printz

DJ Printz interview and 'R&B Only' promo shot.

Interview with DJ Printz uncovers journey from the Opera 'house' to Kelly Rowland all the way to the 'R&B Only' tour. Existing in music is a feeling made to bring people together, stitching people commonly of different backgrounds and social status. It means letting go, drifting away, singing in unison and

A Look At Sign O’ The Times: 30 Years Later

Sign O' The Times: 30 years later, a look at the importance of Prince's critically acclaimed album back in 1987 and today. Imagine yourself as an artist. Actually, a musician. You have reached the height of your fame, people love you, critics love you, you're internationally known. You've sold countless amount records,

The Breakthrough Of Mumble Rap! Made Easy?

The Breakthrough of Mumble Rap

Lil' Yachty Photo by @iAmAntonMak (Anton Mak) Did "Mumble Rap's" breakthrough create a new genre? or an evolution of Hip-Hop? The dreaded 'Mumble Rap' term is one of the hottest in music today. Once Wiz Khalifa went on Hot 97 in June, the term has been inescapable. "We call it mumble rap.

Is The New Edition Story Really Worth Watching?

Is The New Edition Story Worth Watching?

5 reasons why it's worth watching The New Edition Story, an epic movie about one of the greatest R&B groups of all time. The list of artist that last in the music business is an astoundingly short list. New Editon, has continually built their legacy in spite of every test, trial, and tribulation thrown

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Watch This Fight

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy face off image

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have agreed to go fist to fist in a boxing match. It's official, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have agreed to go fist to fist in a boxing match and it's probably gonna be a more hilarious watch than serious. But, that doesn't undermine why you