Kortnee Price,, plays Charlie in rising independent film La Vie Magnifique De Charlie.

Kortnee Price Takes First Leading Role In ‘La Vie Magnifique De Charlie’. An independent comedic film catching fire at various film festivals around the country.

Actress, creative artist, and lifestyle blogger, Kortnee Price is making her feature film debut, as the lead actress in, La Vie Magnifique De Charlie aka The Magnificent Life of Charlie. An independent comedic film catching fire at various film festivals around the country. As a native of Warren, OH, Kortnee Price continues to diligently navigate her way through the industry. As an intern, at an Ohio radio station, the then 17-year-old Kortnee Price, recorded music under the moniker, Diamond Nicole.

Eventually, Price made her way to Atlanta, where she jump-started her acting career in 2016. In less than a year, Kortnee landed her first leading role; which speaks volumes of Kortnee’s enormous talent and potential as an artist.

La Vie Magnifique De Charlie Film Poster.Kortnee Price takes on the challenge of carrying the entire film as Charlie. A carefree, quirky young lady bargaining with her emotions after the death of her sister. Much like Kortnee Price herself, Charlie compromises nothing, handling life circumstances in the most unusual way. Charlie’s friends, played by Nikki Lashae and Lailaa Brookings, provide support after a letter from her deceased sister, played by, Ashley S. Evans, sends Charlie on a scavenger hunt. This magnificent cast of talented young women, enamor us with sisterhood on a comedic, yet grounded experience – making this a day Charlie will never forget.

Director Bobby Huntley co-wrote and produced, La Vie Magnifique De Charlie with Nikki Wade. The director says the look and feel of the film were inspired by icons like Spike Lee and Prince. The “passion project” was filmed on a small budget over six short weeks with very impressive results.

On Thursday, September 28th, Kortnee Price will appear at a special screening of La Vie Magnifique De Charlie, as a contributor to the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival. The screening takes place at Shaker Cinema at 8 PM tickets are only $12. For more information go to TheCharlieMovie.net.