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Not only can it be difficult to get on the charts — it can be even harder getting to the top. Louisiana, recording artist, songwriter, and producer J-Hen has reached heights most artist dream of — with the support of his fans he continues to make an impact.

Before signing to Hipstars Entertainment, James Edward Henry Jr, better known as J-Hen moved with his family to Dallas, Texas at the age of two. He grew up listening to world-renowned icons like Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Usher, Prince, Marvin Gaye, and James Brown. Since then, his passion for music has grown beyond words. At an early age, J-Hen started writing, producing, and recording his own music. As the years went by, J-Hen began to mold his debut album Envision. A 14 song project released in November 2013. One of the singles “Sex Instructor”, produced by Jason Martin and Walter Johnson Jr, peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Single Sales chart. The song also stayed on the streaming charts for ten weeks.

Debuting his style, gripping vocals, and lyrical latitude by expressing the sounds of heart and soul, Envision hit number 46 on Billboard, fueled by his incredible energy and soulful vibes — vibes that will keep your energy alive at every beat. J-Hen’s listeners know that he’s the next music sensation — his talents and ambition will undeniably take the world by storm.

On To The Next charts on Billboard

Things didn’t stop for J-Hen, in January 2017 his 14 track album On To The Next hit #8 on the Billboard Charts. Putting even more energy and dedication into this record, he cut a club anthem, aka another banger, for the ladies. “On to the Next” featuring YNG Rell, a song written and produced by members of Rich Gang/Cash Money Records. It even had a music video shot at Hit Factory Criteria Recording Studios. Looking to connect with even more listeners he mixed both Pop and R&B sounds.

J-Hen “On to the Next”

On To The Next had multiple smashes such as “My Appreciation”, “Electric” and “Gypsy Girl”. One of the standout tracks “Gypsy Girl” has visuals directed by Jeff Adair — and it is straight fire. The music video follows a man whose car broke down on a dirt road. He goes off to an isolated house to use the phone and later finds a girl who puts a spell on him. Written by J-Hen himself and produced by Christopher Billik we get some dancehall vibes, deep kicks, and a strong vocal performance from J-Hen on this track.

This video had the ladies going crazy, capturing the listeners’ attention. Watch the video below and tell us — was it just a dream?

“Bye Felicia” another song featured on the album, produced a remix featuring Campion Bond in October 2018. Is a song dedicated to anyone who was wronged and felt their time in a relationship was a waste. Made famous in the movie Friday, “Bye Felicia” is now being reintroduced by J-Hen in this catchy up-tempo track.

J-Hen “Gypsy Girl” Official Video: Are you Memorized?

Giving back on and off the Stage.

Expanding beyond the studio, J-Hen’s performed at multiple high profile events across the country. In 2016, he was a showcase artist for SXSW, the 12th Annual Dallas Music Festival and at the Dallas Harambee Festival — just to name a few. J-Hen also performed at benefit events supporting UNCF, HBCU, and the Tom Joyner Foundation. In one of his many noteworthy events, he paid tribute to one of the biggest influences in music — Michael Jackson.

J-Hen’s gift for philanthropy is remarkable, he is an advocate who has dedicated his time to the Texas Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital. He’s also helped raise money, donated toys and visited children during the Christmas season.

With a strong belief and faith in God, J-Hen is destined to be a STAR. He has the love and support of his fans and management team.

As a Hipstars Entertainment artist, managed by CEO/Manager Velicia Henry, J-Hen is among the likes of many upcoming artists like Dee Walton, Jenna K and many more. J-Hen is showing the world he can do anything he puts his heart and mind into through his vocals, writing, and passion in his music. In my eyes, and many others, he is already at the top, and there is no stopping him. Please take the time and follow J-Hen on his journey.

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