August Alsina on stage in Hamburg

When it rains, it pours for the Smith family. August Alsina Responds to Jada on “Entanglements” with Rick Ross. The song is a clap back to what went down on Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk show. In a special episode, Jada appears with her husband, Will Smith, to publicly discuss her affair with August Alsina. 

On the show, Jada described her involvement with Alsina as an ‘entanglement.’ Will Smith swiftly corrected her by calling the affair a relationship — to which she eventually agreed. Some thought of Jada’s use of the word ‘entanglement’ as being disingenuous. She appeared to use language to lighten her accountability in the situation.

Alsina got mixed in with the power couple via their son Jaden Smith. Reportedly, he came around for help during a difficult time in his life. From there, the connection between Jada and August grew. 

On the show, Jada wanted to make it clear she and Will had broken-up. Will seemed to have a different idea in mind, expressing they needed their own space. It sounds like Will felt this was a separation for the 23-year-long marriage. Will and Jada managed to stay together despite Will being “done,” at the time, as he said on the show.

August Alsina Says Jada Didn’t Share the Whole Truth.

Louisiana singer August Alsina felt the interview exposed half-truths at best. In response, he went into the studio with the help of Rick Ross and songwriter Derrick Milano. August sings, “That ain’t my girl, but I got the key to the crib and to the car,” taunting Will. 

The situation is messy, but this song bangs. We’re getting them Ray J 2013 “I Hit It First” vibes, a taunt at Kim and Kanye’s relationship. “You left your man just to f**k with me and break his heart.” On the hook, Alsina sings, “The definition of entanglement is when you’re tangled in the sheets.”

Looking on from the sidelines, we’re getting the “I Hit It First” Ray J vibe from August. This track will only fan flames even further out of control in this odd triangle.

You can listen to August Alsina‘s “entanglements” right here before it gets crazy spins on radio. Let us know if this song made it to your playlist.