Netflix is adding black sitcoms. This is a still image from the 'Moesha' intro.

Netflix is adding black sitcoms from the late ’90s and early 2000s to its platform.

Shows from long gone networks like UPN and the WB are back and binge-worthy. You can finally watch Moesha, The Parkers, The Game, Sister Sister, One on One, Half & Half, and Girlfriends on demand. Each show will slowly roll out one by one, starting with Moesha on August 1st through October.

The announcement came via Netflix‘s black-based Twitter page @strongblacklead. Black Netflix executives created the Twitter account to bring awareness to black creatives who tell stories about the black experience. Netflix is adding black sitcoms to show they are doubling down on support for the black community. The streaming giant has a Black Lives Matter collection on its platform.

Stars, or the strong black leads, from the classic shows coming to Netflix, sent a video message to celebrate. Tracee Ellis Ross, Tia Mowery, Flex Alexander, Tim Reid, Jenna Van Oy, Pooch Hall, and more showed excitement.

Below you’ll find when all of your favorite shows will hit Netflix:

Moesha – August 1st
The Game (season 1 thru 3) – August 15th
Sister Sister – September 1st
Girlfriends – September 11th
The Parkers – October 1st
Half & Half – October 15th
One on One – October 15th