Usher "I Cry" music video still.

“I cry” is an intimate music video directed by Usher during a time that will surely go down in history. Usher stands in front of the camera. A simple video with an impactful close up of his face in black in white. You can feel every sentiment intended by the music and visuals throughout the entire video.

“I cry” is reminiscent of one of Usher’s personal songs “Hard II Love” from the album of the same title.

The dreary, yet empathetic and hopeful vibes of the video make the message much more effective. ” I can’t keep it together; I usually don’t show my emotions. But it ain’t getting better. — ‘Cause you can’t be blind with eyes wide open.” sings Usher.

Usher “I Cry” of struggle and pain.

Photographs fade in and out on each side of his face — at times directly over his face. Photos of people on the streets, crying children, tearful mothers — struggling families. These visuals highlight the same issues and battles that continue to exist over multiple generations.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and the historical landmark known as the Edmund Pettus Bridge also fade on to the screen. The Edmund Pettus Bridge is famous for the ‘Bloody Sunday’ conflict. As black people attempted to march across the bridge to the capitol building in Montgomery. Demonstrators were attacked by police who used billy clubs, horses, and tear gas on men & women.

Usher, with his eyes glaring into the camera, connects to you one on one. While he sings, you can see into his soul. “I cry, for the sons without fathers — and the pain that their mothers hold deep inside.” Signs for white and black only water fountains from Jim Crow. A man is hanging from a noose, men in prison and people praying to God fade in and out.

Those with a conscience will find it difficult to watch this video and not feel emotion. The symbolism of the past, looking, and feeling, like today, is potent. As the footage slowly comes to an end, Usher begins to appear in color. Photos emerge from current protests, and the words “We Are The Change” brings this touching video to an end.

Gordon Parks brings photos & ‘Dem Raymond Boyz’ got the graphics.

This is a great video. It’s simple and has a relevant message. Black artist Gordon Parks provided iconic photography. Usher’s kids Cinco & Naviyd, get credit as ‘Dem Raymond Boyz’ for graphics.

All of Usher’s proceeds from the record will be donated to LISC, the Local Initiatives Support Corporations. LISC supports black-owned businesses and communities. We encourage you to support via streaming and buying the single for “I Cry” here.