Nas Disses Doja Cat

Nas is back with a new single and a new album produced by Hit-Boy called King’s Disease. Today (August 14th), Nas put out a black anthem celebrating everything black. Black resilience, pride, and beauty took the lead in his new song “Ultra Black.”

Black influencers of yesterday and today got the nod from the Queens Hip Hop legend. With pride, Nas mentions black celebs Iman, Grace Jones, Michael Blackson, and Billy Dee Williams in his rhymes. Nas’ song could be 2020’s ‘Black is Beautiful’ song of the summer. However, Nas disses Doja Cat on his new single “Ultra Black.” 

Nas had singer and rapper, Doja Cat trending on Twitter — yet again. This time though, it seems Social media stands on opposite sides, over just one line. On the track, he raps “unapologetically black, the opposite of Doja Cat.” 

Nas Disses Doja Cat for allegedly hanging out in alt-right online.

In late May, Doja Cat trended all over Twitter with #dojacatisoverparty. Old clips emerged of Doja allegedly hanging out on video in alt-right racist chatrooms. While hanging out in the chat, Doja would allegedly strip, vomit, and get naked for the racist men.

People also claim Doja said she wouldn’t want to be black. Doja’s mother is Jewish. Her father is actor Dumisani Dlamini who is South African—leaving us to wonder about any internal conflicts with her background.

Doja’s old video, “Dindu Nuffin,” was called out for being racist as well.

The expression “Dindu Nuffin” is said to mock a black person’s innocence when interacting with the police. She did issue an apology on Instagram denying being racist. “You won’t find anything of me being racist because I haven’t been racist and I’m well aware that I’m recorded in chat rooms. But, I just wanted you guys to know, for my fans, if you felt disappointed or embarrassed, I’m sorry. It is disappointing to…To be honest, it took me a while to understand what the fuck was going on.”

Nas’ mention of Doja is not without context, but some on Twitter believe it’s out of line. One Twitter user pointed out Nas’ defense of Gwenyth Paltrow after she used the N-word. Others can’t understand why anyone would side with Doja against Nas and his legendary status.