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They Say it’s Too Urban And Unkempt #48

They say it's too urban and unkempt #48 Unfaded Podcast cover image.

This week on the Unfaded podcast episode 48. A young woman’s manager at Banana Republic says her hair is too urban and unkempt and doesn’t fit the company image. Miami Dolphins offensive team coach resigns after doing cocaine on video. Mike Ditka, former head coach of the Chicago Bears says, oppression hasn’t been around for a hundred years. Also, a 21-year-old woman gets arrested for leaving her three-year-old child in the car while visiting an inmate in prison and much more.

The  Unfaded Podcast hosted by Shay One beside co-host L.A. is growing to be one of the hottest weekly Hip-Hop and R&B podcast shows in entertainment. This week our special guest Uncle Errol makes his first appearance on the show